Officiants Of Civil Ceremonies

I am also licensed to officiate civil ceremonies, and have indeed done so in a number of weddings for our clients. As an officiant, I personalize the entire ceremony, taking into account the history of the couple, their individual personalities, their interactions with each other, and my experience with and of them. I always make an effort to include friends and family, so that the ceremony feels not only heartfelt and personal, but inclusive as well.

I consider each civil service a personal story – it is the story of two people brought together on this day, and it is my job to showcase each person as well as the couple and the love they share. This means that we’re always on the lookout for those personal details and elements that will make the ceremony yet more unique and personal.

We offer these services in English, Spanish and Galician, and have had the pleasure to partake in such ceremonis all over Galicia, including Vigo, Orense, and Santiago de Compostela, amongst others.