Destination Wedding Planner & Organiser

While I continue to organise weddings for couples who live in Galicia, my speciality is designing and perfecting bespoke weddings for couples who live outside Galicia and who have chosen it as the destination for their dream wedding.

Experience and Dedication

What I can offer, over any other wedding planner in Galicia, is experience. Experience not only of planning a wedding and executing it perfectly… but experience and knowledge of just how difficult, complex, and downright difficult it is for you, as a couple, to have to plan your wedding from a distance. To have to trust “blindly”; to deal with language and cultural barriers; to deal with impediments you feel you would otherwise not face in your home country or the place you’re currently living… and the feeling like it’s.all.out.of.your.hands.

I get it. And I know how hard it is.

And that’s why I can offer you what others cannot. Because I have planned and executed over 80 destination weddings in Galicia for foreign couples, I understand what you’re going through, what you will go through, and what you never want to go through… and I’ll make sure I’m there to handle it all.

I will tailor my job to your specific needs, your desires, your vision (yes, even the ones that seem impossible!). I will be there to listen to your ideas, help you distil and concretise your vision, collate all the options and information for you, and walk you through your decision-making process.

Importantly, we want to create your dream wedding… based on your vision, your style and on your budget. Our experience allows us to do just that… to create your perfect day or days… exactly how you want it.

Contacts and Reputation

I know, and work with on a daily basis, a great number of wedding suppliers, and I’m always on the lookout for more. Each of the suppliers I work with has been tried and tested, and is truly the best in their respective fields. This means that you don’t have to waste time looking for suppliers (unless you’re looking for something specific or want to use someone in particular, of course, which is always welcome!).

I can honestly say I have excellent relationships with the best service providers in Galicia: from Michelin-star chefs, to the owners and managers of Galicia’s most coveted pazos, to the best award-winning photographers, to the graphic and stationary designers, to the musical bands that have appeared on national TV shows… I’ve worked with them all and I’ve maintained excellent relationships with them as well.

It is also important that you, the client, are aware that I have contacts at all different price points… so regardless of how much you want to spend at your wedding, I can find you the suppliers who will get you the best bang for your buck, so to speak.

The point is, I want you to take advantage of my expertise and contacts so that you know you’re getting the best wedding you can and so you can just focus on enjoying yourselves… right up until – and especially on! – your wedding day. And when the big day arrives, I will be there with my entire team to ensure that everything goes perfectly and that you really will have the best day of your lives.

Specific Services

Just to be clear, my wedding planning/organiser services encompass, inter alia, the following:

  • Determining the style and theme of the event with the couple;
  • Outlining and designing the event(s);
  • Overseeing and conforming to the budget;
  • Introducing the couple to suppliers for the couples’ consideration and election (this includes florists, beauticians, chefs, DJs, photographers etc.)
  • Decorating the space/venue; and
  • Full coordination of the wedding day (i.e., planning it in full, ensuring the timetable is followed, transportation is on time, and suppliers are all punctual and performing effectively).

Please also note that my services can be customised to your needs. We can offer day-of services only (meaning coordination of the wedding day only) or our full-scale luxury package, which includes overseeing and planning every single element of your wedding. See the “Other Services” section below.

All in all, we promise you our full dedication and that we will be working exclusively for you to make sure you have a dream-come-true experience!

Importantly for all our foreign couples, we are a bilingual team and can provide all our services in both Spanish and English… so you need not worry about any language barrier!