Other Services

Advice To Get Started

Some couples really want to be hands-on and plan their own weddings by themselves… and just need some help getting started. This service is for you! Indeed, this service is intended for those couples who have just begun the wedding planning process and need help structuring their planning as well as searching for and choosing the perfect wedding suppliers.

With this service, I take advantage of the excellent contacts and relationships I have with service providers at various price points and with their own styles to create for you a personalised folder detailing your various options. This means you will receive a folder that gives you multiple options for each kind of service provider, including florists, DJs, stationary designers, beauticians, transport providers, etc… everything and everyone necessary for you to plan your big day.

This will narrow down your search for the perfect service provider, and allow you to focus on choosing the right person or company and getting on with the wedding planning.

Organisation Of Your Big Day

This service is aimed that at those who want someone to be there to execute the big day, and to make sure that everything runs smoothly. So if you’re a couple that has planned the wedding yourselves, but want someone there to take the reins on the big day… then look no further! This service is for you.

For this service, you would contact me as your day looms closer so we can discuss and you can explain the details of your wedding day. Together, we will review the plan for the big day, as well as go over the order of and timing for each event to work out the perfect schedule. I will also ask you to provide me with the contact details of all the suppliers with whom you are working. I will then get in touch with all your service providers, and work intensely with them to ensure that everything is as you’ve planned, and that your big day is executed in exactly the manner you both desire!

My team and I will also take care of other details of the wedding, such as the organization of the ceremony, the reception and the welcoming of the guests.

In essence, you’re handing the reins over to us, and we’re going to make sure it’s our job to make sure you get exactly what you want!