I would like to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to all my clients – and now friends – who trusted me with their special days and who challenged me and allowed me to become the best wedding planner I can be. You all trusted me to plan and be a part of your big day, and I will never forget that. Many of you are now dear friends, and I want you to know that this means the world to me. Thank you.

Marta & Abel. From Cataluña

“An authentic professional and an even better person. She fights for your wedding as if it is her own and makes each detail unique. A winner indeed. We will never forget you!”

Nikki & David. From Holland

“We love you, Fátima González! You are by far the best choice we made in and for this wedding. We entered into this as professionals for a project and left (wait, I am not leaving! Are you??) as friends. I love you as I love my family. Thank you for everything!” – David

“My now-husband and I knew from the very beginning that we wanted to get married in Galciia, his hometown. It is a place very special to him, and now, to me as well. As much as I agreed with the decision to get married in Galicia, I was terrified. I come from an Indian family, and weddings are, for us, gospel. I was completely at a loss as to how to plan an elaborate Indian wedding in Galicia… when, by the way, my husband and I live in Amsterdam and would not be able to plan the wedding on-site in Galicia. How to plan an Indian/Galician wedding multicultural, multi-religious, multilingual wedding from a distance?

Enter Fatima.

I found her randomly through her blog and contacted her with my specifications of my 4-day wedding extravaganza, which included horses and flying decorations down from New Delhi. She didn’t bat an eye. I still remember how calm and collected she was as I was sending her email upon email of things I wanted for the wedding. We met in Galicia a few months later, and she helped us distil our ideas; helped us formulate what was most important to us (food for David, drinks and dancing for me); what we wanted to accomplish; what was the feeling we wanted to impart. She helped us decide to have a distinct day for the Indian affair, and another day for the Galician one, rather than mashing them both together, to pay proper homage to both our cultures and families.

In the beginning, when we first started working with her, I was terrified. How would she know what was important to the Indian culture? Would she understand our traditions? Would she give weight and importance to those elements I wanted but that she might not understand? All I can say is: I NEEDN’T HAVE WORRIED, and looking back now, I really wish I hadn’t. I would have saved myself so much time and grief, because she ALWAYS GOT IT.

Fatima was fabulous. From the get-go, she absorbed our ideas as her own; she treated this as she would her own wedding. She found us the best suppliers, and if we were wanted another option, she’d have one for us in a matter of days. She gave us unending strength, time, dedication, exclusivity…including Skype calls at 11pm when we were busy during the day and couldn’t speak. Whatever I asked for, even in passing, she was on it. She made sure that anything that could be remotely important for me – no matter that she might not understand it – she would do her utmost to make it happen.

Long story short, Fatima was the best part about our wedding. Yeah, we had great venues; we had amazing food; the decoration was outstanding; the entertainment is yet to be surpassed… but aside from all that, Fatima was truly the best part about our wedding. She began as a service provider, but quickly became a close friend. She ensured that our 3-day wedding was PERFECTLY executed, to the point that, to this day, 7 months later, we still get texts and emails about how great our wedding was. Seriously.

Trust me, brides-to-be, especially you foreign ones who are stressing about planning a destination wedding long-distance and perhaps dealing with another culture or language… I know what you’re feeling. I was there too. Trusting someone with your big day – that day you’ve been planning in your head for ever and ever – and hoping that they’ll understand what YOU want and see what you see in your head… it’s a terrifying prospect. But Fatima is IT. She is EVERYTHING. She gets it. She understands what it’s like to plan a wedding from afar, the excruciating difficulty that accompanies having to make a choice blindly, via email or text. And she’s on your side… every single step of the way, she’s there to make sure you get what you want… and trust me, she FIGHTS for you and your vision.

We owe everything to her. She’s an absolute genius, a treasure, a friend. Our wedding would never, ever, ever have been as successful without her. And if we were ever to get married again, no matter where in the world, we’d book her all over again. No questions asked. And you know what? The next time around, we might just let her do it all herself… that’s how much we trust her.

Thank you, Fatima. Gracias, con todo mi corazon. – Nikki

Mar & Jose. From Switzerland

“We have many things to say about the “BIG DAY” as we cannot describe it otherwise. We had a great expectation for this special day to arrive and were very confident that with you on charge everything will turn out great but we never expected that all ended up being so spectacular!
First of all, we want to tell you that we think you are a professional from top to bottom, your perfectionism and the eagermess you put into your work makes that all turns out magical. We cannot thank you enough for the marvellous and special day you created for us, one that we could enjoy with you and with all our loved ones.
It has been a very important and emotional day indeed in our lives.
It was just what we were looking for but without your help we could not have achieved it. Far from it!
THANKS for these 2 years, for your work and above all for your friendship.”

Nacho & Tim. From United Kingdom

“Fátima organised for us a dream wedding! From the very first moment we knew we were in good hands. We will never forget you!! A big hug!“

Pablo & Ana. From Vigo

“Many many thanks for everything Fátima! Our day was unforgettable thanks to you. You are a great professional and a very good person. You managed that our wedding was a magic moment from minute 1. Only you can achieve to give us the piece of mind to be able to enjoy the day 100% . We did not have to worry absolutely about anything. We wish to add for future couples that you are highly recommended and absolutely essential. You get really involved into it. A big kiss!”

Yoly & Marcos. From Switzerland

“5 stars are not enough for what you deserve!!! Our wedding was perfect and unforgettable!! Even two weeks after the wedding, our relatives and friends were talking about it and that is a very good sign indeed!!! The truth is that for us who live outside Spain, we were thinking a lot where to get married and how… because organising it from abroad we knew it would not be easy! I still remember the day I called Fátima and she was so calm about it all that for us it was clear that having her on board, our wedding could be our dream wedding!! And so it was!!! Thanking you for everything is not enough and apart from being the best organiser, you were during all this time a friend and a partner!! A friendship I am sure we will have for many more years to come!! Our day was perfect, unforgettable… Only you could make us feel as if in a fairy tale!!!!!”

María & Alberto. From Vigo

“Our celebration has been perfect thanks to you in a great deal! You have made our day unique even though the sun was not shining, the service was the best and totally emotional in a good way of course!! It was very exciting for us and our guests. THANKS for all, Fátima!!!! Once and one thousand more times we will choose you over and over again with our eyes closed!!!!”

Goretti & Sam. From London

“Fátima, many many thanks indeed for everything!!! Sam and I are super happy about how all turned out. All the planning was worth it… Thanks for guiding and advising us… and for being with us with your best smile and for knowing how to just be! All a professional indeed!!!”

Diandra & Santiago. From Chile

“ Fátima is an excellent professional and a great support for the bride and groom! We were really happy not only with the service but also with all the help and the attention! We would work with her over again without a second thought!!!!

Bea & Manu. From Vigo

“My dear Fátima, it has been a pleasure to be able to have you to organise our wedding. Frankly I don´t know what we would have done without you!!!! It has been a beautiful wedding and you had a lot to do with it. You have made us very happy!! But the best of all is that from now on, we will have you very close in our lives!. A big kiss from us!“

Sabela & Jose. From Vigo and Mexico

“Thanks, thanks thanks is all I can say when I remember our wedding. Without you Fátima it would not have been possible! If I had to do it again, I would not change a thing! The best I could do a year ago was to hire your services, your delicacy, your professionalism and the taste you put into all your work that make that days as your wedding day turns out to be just perfect! Everything was as perfect as we had imagined. Thanks for sharing it with us and as I always tell you: You are the best!!!!“

Paula & Alex. From Pontevedra

“When one finishes a stage in their lives, it is time to dwell on those moments and go over them again for a while. In this case, this stage was for us the time we had with Fátima preparing our wedding. They were seven very intense months in which we had the opportunity to realise that she is not only a great professional but also a great person. She knows her job really well and she puts all her love into it too. She has always given us confidence, has listened to us -Sundays and bank holidays included -and has made possible that our wedding was just as we had imagined it to be. We hope she continues being part of our lives because now that we already got married, we miss her a lot!“

Benjamin & Natalia. From Switzerland

It was the perfect wedding for us! We started with our wedding preparations and we came across the super nice Fátima. From the very beginning it was clear that it would be really essential to have somebody like her helping us to find the perfect suppliers. When you live outside Galicia it is very recommendable to have somebody to be responsible for everything, somebody like her who knows the right suppliers to achieve the best of the successes and at the best price too as it happened on our wedding day”.

María & Suso. From Orense

“Fátima, many thanks indeed for organising a very unforgettable celebration full of emotions! I still remember the first day we met. We were really lost but we came out of your office full of clear ideas and knowing that our wedding will be a beautiful one and so it turn out. You are a great professional. I recommend everybody to you because you can guarantee confidence and reliability.”