Since the inception of my professional career in 1997, I have worked for a variety of different companies and hotels, organising events both private and corporate. Having had the good fortune to work and train with the best professionals in the sector, I realized over time that Galicia was lacking personalized bespoke wedding services. Desiring to bring to Galicia an element of elegance, style, personalization and exclusivity not yet seen in wedding planning and wedding services, “Fátima González Wedding Planner” was born.

When creating my wedding planning service in 2007 – a decade after beginning my professional career organizing events – I knew I wanted to focus, more than anything, on two elements and ideas: (1) to create a bespoke wedding planning service aimed in particular at couples hoping to have a destination wedding in Galicia; and (2) to provide a service with such an element of detail and organization so as to allow couple to have full confidence and peace of mind during the wedding planning process.

In the last 10 years, I have organised more than 80 weddings all over Galicia, including but not limited to, Pontevedra, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and Orense. My experience in planning these weddings has allowed me the opportunity and good fortune to work with and cultivate relationships with the best in the field: from helping you nail down your theme and décor to selecting the best photographers in each region to helping you negotiate the best rates at your favourite pazo to assisting you with the menu selection (including with Michelin star chefs)… I’ve worked with the ultimate professionals in Galician wedding planning, who have proven, time and again, why Galicia is rapidly becoming a destination wedding favourite.

More than anything, however, I promise to give you my all: you will, without a doubt, always have my full attention, time and trust. I have always enjoyed a strong relationship with each of the couples whose wedding I have had the honour to plan; you will be no different. Indeed, a strong rapport and relationship is essential to any successful wedding.

My Aim

To continue to be the foremost wedding planner

specialised in planning dream

destination weddings in Galicia.

My Philosophy

To provide each and every couple
with a level of attention and service
that you always feel confident, supported, happy
and have peace of mind during your wedding planning.

A wedding is to be enjoyed,
so let us do the work so you can focus on
having your dream wedding!